Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced (SRTA)

Duration: 3 Days
Prerequisites: Swiftwater Rescue Technician
Recommended additional courses: Technical Rope Rescue and Swiftwater Rescue Boat Operations

Upon successful completion of the Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced course, students will build on the foundation skills learned in Swiftwater Rescue Technician (SRT) and learn techniques that shift from self-rescue to victim rescue.

Course topics include: advanced swimming techniques; advanced river hydrology and features; integration of rope systems and mechanical advantage; advanced low light and night searching; “go” rescues and swimming with victims; non-motorized boat operation; anchors and mechanical advantage systems; highline systems with midpoint lower and raise; and addressing complex situations in the swiftwater environment.

This three day course builds on the prerequisite Swiftwater Rescue Technician (SRT) and includes classroom discussion, dryland instruction, and in-water instruction and practice. Instructor student ratio is 1:12 with a minimum of 8 students per instructor.

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