Mike Mather, Mather Rescue


Mike Mather here and seeing as how you are reading this I very much want to thank you for your interest. This whole Mather Rescue thing probably started off with a scrappy kid in Lubbock, Texas watching the TV programs Wild Kingdom and Emergency, playing with Adventure People and through blue lips with chattering teeth refusing to get out of the pool when mom said it was time to go. In the late 80’s, I found out I was free to leave Texas I headed for the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and started climbing. The next year Climbing Magazine did an article on endless climbing in the New River Gorge, West Virginia. I had to go check it out! At that time the only jobs available in WV for a guy like me were, a) Coal Miner or b) River Guide. I went with b and my life changed forever.

With my climbing rope skills and my passion for moving water, I jumped on the fast track to become a rescue instructor. That was a little more than 25 years ago and I am lucky enough to still be traveling the world teaching today. I became  an EMT in 1991, Firefighter/EMT in 2003. I have a Rescue Educator Foundation Degree from the University of Central Lancashire. I am a Rescue 3 International Instructor Trainer for Rope, Water, Rescue Boats, PWC as well as an American Canoe Association Instructor Trainer Educator for Safety & Rescue and Rafting. I have also taken more FEMA courses than merit mentioning. With this and more, I hope I get to share my training and life experience with whomever is interested.

Thanks again for looking in.

Have fun. Be safe.


  • Firefighter/EMT 2003
  • Rescue Educator Foundation Degree
  • Rescue3 International Instructor Trainer
  • ACA Instructor Trainer Educator for Safety & Rescue and Rafting